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A brand new truly uncommon spirit. Here we use grey, blue and white poppies for this extraordinary spirit. The poppy comes from the Austrian Waldviertel with a centuries-old tradition of poppy cultivation.

Blue poppy is the most commonly cultivated type of poppy in the world. Blue poppy has a thicker seed coat, so the tannin content is higher. Blue poppy tastes more intense but also more bitter.

Gray poppy is only grown regionally (Waldviertel and Mühlviertel) and has a thinner, low-germ seed coat. The seeds themselves are also lighter than the blue poppy. Gray poppy has a very fine exquisite aroma.

As the name already implies, the skins of the white poppy are very light, beige in color. White poppy is rarely grown in the Waldviertel.
Geschmacklich weist der Weißmohn ein intensives Walnussaroma auf.

The spirit production process takes place here, we macerate the poppy seeds in neutral alcohol for several months and burn the mixture.

The alcohol content is 40%, but the spirit is by no means spicy, since the long storage after the distillation process reduces the sharpness.

We use only natural fruit for our products. They contain no artificial flavors or colorings.

(Poppy, 40%, Spirit // Also labeled as brandy for consistency)

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