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Dear friends of schnapps!

The current situation on the markets for raw materials and supplies has become increasingly acute in recent months, leading to an extreme shortage of supply and driving up the prices of our suppliers and their suppliers sharply.
Already the situation around Corona led to a severe shortage of supply, which caused the price of raw materials such as cardboard boxes & glass to rise rapidly.
Service providers, such as parcel service providers and freight forwarders with whom we work, have also repeatedly adjusted and increased prices.
The situation has worsened significantly due to the war in Ukraine and led to a further increase in energy prices, which are again reflected in real terms in raw materials (glass, packaging, etc.).

We have always kept prices stable over the years – including the entire “2 Corona years” – even though we had to record rising costs.
However, due to the current harrowing development on the market and the extent of the cost increases, it is no longer possible for us to compensate for these and to continue without a price adjustment.

At the same time, we have made the packaging for our online shipping more efficient and environmentally friendly. From now on you have the possibility to choose whether your order should be packed and sent as a gift or whether a simple packaging is sufficient, for which no further costs arise.
Pictures of the gift option can also be found on our website.

We very much hope for more stable times and an easing of the current precarious situation on the markets soon!
Thank you very much for your understanding!



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